One of the questions players of the game often ask is why do the ghosts seem, well, intelligent? The ghosts manouever around the graves, avoid the tress, talk to the people and strangest of all, have no interest in the player.

So what gives? Is it artifical intellignce?

Not really.

There are no enimies inĀ Regina Cemetery Tours – The Game but the ghosts do pose an interactive obstacle. If you get hit by the ghosts, they steal your stories and some of your life force. If you get hit by the ghosts more than four times, you lose.

But the ghosts aren’t after you. Instead, they don’t even care about you. So what are they up to?

Ghosts in the game are populated by the player. The game tracks where the player moves, stores that information inside a database and then brings that information back into the game as ghosts. However, the ghosts it generates are random. You could be seeing the ghost of yourself, or of a player from a week or a month ago. Each ghost is a “snapshot” of what the player was doing at one point in time. This means that the ghosts could walk in circles, bump into graves, get lost in the trees or be on a mission to collect their final stories.

The week after the game launched, we had 12,000 ghost entires in our system. To prevent out systems from balooning with ghost-data, we limit the number of ghosts to 5,000 entries. After that, the system starts to delete the data. This ensures that not only every playthrough is unique, but that our system doesn’t crash.