Welcome to Regina Cemetery Tours - The Game!

Thank you for expressing interest in Regina Cemetery Tours - The Game! Here are some brief FAQs about this game, and what to expect when it launches in the Summer of 2019

What is this game about?

The purpose of this game is to collect stories of those buried within the Regina Cemetery. These could be stories of business owners, disaster victims, soldiers, politicians, police officers or anywhere in between.

Why are we collecting stories?

The (virtual) City of Regina is overwhelmed with paper-work and misplaced your burial records. As they attempt to find them, they have asked you to find their other lost records too.

...we did mention you're dead, right?

Where did these stories come from?

Some of these stories came a variety of sources, including personal research, family history, historical records, etc. In total, there will be about 80 stories in this game.

Are any stories being excluded from the game?

Currently stories are being excluded from the game if they do not fit within our internal parameters.

Are all the stories historically accurate?

It's important to remember that this is a game, not a research paper. It's meant to be entertaining and educational. We take every story seriously as to preserve the memory of the deceased, but there is the chance of a historically inaccurate story being in the game.

Does the game have GPS functionality?

While GPS functionality would make the game fun to play in real life, we (and the real City of Regina) are concerned that increased foot-traffic would accelerate the deterioration of the cemetery. So, at this time we are undecided if we will add this feature.

How much does this game cost?

This game is free to play and is available on any device with access to the internet.

However, development of the game is not free. Games costs upwards to five or six digits, plus a team of people, to create. This game is created by two people and we are attempting to crowd-fund the game via GoFundMe. We believe the game will cost $3,000 to create, which includes asset design, layout development, coding, testing, character creation, content writing, etc.

What's with the ghosts?

The (real) Regina Cemetery may not haunted, but ours is. These ghosts are harmless spirts that wander the tombstones looking for lost stories. They're just like you... in more ways than one. The ghosts are the recordings of past players, just like you, who didn't escape before the cemetery closed.

So... are they harmless?

During the day the ghosts are harmless, but 2 hours to closing (which is 4PM in the winter, or 6PM in the summer, as per (real) Regina Cemetery operating hours) they become a threat and will steal your stories if you come in contact with them.

What other challenges are in the game?

Beyond the ghosts, you are also in a race against time. Once the cemetery closes for the day, all your progress will be lost. You have until closing each day to find the required stories to finally rest in peace.

Are there NPCs in the game?

Yes, although who they are, who they are modeled after, and their roles in the game are still a secret.

Will Kenton de Jong be in the game?


I like this idea. How can I help?

To help fund the game, we ask to make donation to our GoFundMe.

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Thank you for your interested in Regina Cemetery Tours - The Game!