We are excited to announce the 2023 cemetery tour schedule — this time with a twist!

Last year was a very busy year for cemetery tours, but also a very odd year. We had tours in July, paused for August, came back in September, and then had to do Sunday tours in October because the hours in the cemetery changed.

This year will be a bit more normal. We will have tours every second Friday in June, July, August, and September. October is TBD as the hours are a bit weird to work with. I know everybody loves the idea of cemetery tours in October, but personally, the September ones are much more atmospheric because they occur by flashlight.

So, what are the tour dates?


Friday, June 2nd at 7pm

Friday, June 16th at 7pm

(We didn’t do Friday, June 30th because it’s the Canada Day Long Weekend – this might change)


Friday, July 14th at 7pm

Friday, July 28th at 7pm


Friday, August 11th at 7pm

Friday, August 25th at 7pm


Friday, September 8th at 7pm

Friday, September 22nd at 7pm

Friday, September 29th at 7pm

(We might add more here. Last year all the September tours sold out fast.)


To Be Decided

The Twist

Maybe Friday doesn’t work for you. I understand that. This year we are also offering the ability to book your own tour, on your own time. Pick a day, pick a time, and we can do it. Feeling like a Tuesday, 3pm tour in the cemetery? Sounds good to me. Feeling like a Sunday at 8am walk in the cemetery? Kinda early, but let’s do it. Now you have the flexibility to come on a tour whenever works for you.

I am excited for another year of cemetery tours, and I am excited to share the stories with you too. Last year was amazing and I am looking forward to another awesome year of cemetery tours.

See you on the other side!