Regina Cemetery Tours – The Game has been available for over a year and a half, but players are constantly finding new and bizarre quirks in the game. Some of these are unintentional, like the Stephen Bug, but others are little Easter Eggs placed in the game by myself to enrich the player’s experience.

Here is a list of some, but not all of the Easter Eggs inside Regina Cemetery Tours – The Game. Feel free to play the game and find others that I didn’t list here.

The Talking Trees

As you wander the Regina Cemetery, there is a lot to interact with. From the nearly 100 stories to the dozen NPCs just hanging around the cemetery to some of the buildings, there is always a little nugget of knowledge hidden somewhere waiting to be discovered.

One of these is the many, many trees that fill the cemetery. Some players try this the moment they learn to interact with objects, but others just rush right past. If you do take the time and talk to the trees, you’ll get a piece of internal dialogue by the character. It says:

“Did George Watt plant these trees…?”

This question might leave some players confused as there is no George Watt in the game. None of the NPCs are named George Watt and there is no grave for him either. For those who know their Regina history though, the name is very familiar. Watt was a botanist at Government House and was responsible for not only their beautiful Edwardian Gardens but also for many of the trees throughout Regina. It’s possible Watt even had a role in the tree placement in the Regina Cemetery!

The talking trees

The Eye of Osiris

Casual players may stumble across the former paranormal investigator Matt while playing the game. Upon their first interaction, Matt is attempting to get his new device — The Eye of Osiris — to work. If you never talk to Matt again, however, you won’t realize that as you collect stories, his device begins to turn on.

After collecting four blue or green stories, you will notice that Matt becomes a jumble of purple and black pixels. What this thing is, is unknown, but it identifies as The Eye of Osiris. It is looking to trade a purple story for double the immunity against ghosts. Instead of having the ghosts attack you after collecting four stories, they now won’t attack you until you have eight.

However, this is a bit of a deal with the devil. While there are more than enough purple stories to finish the game, if you make this trade you will have trouble collecting enough green stories to get all the purple ones. The game can still be won after making this trade, but you may have to play a little more strategically.

The Eye of Osiris

Man’s Best Friend

As the player walks through the cemetery, time passes along with them. As the game goes on, so does the day, and so does the happenings within the cemetery. Some players move around the cemetery, some players go home, and others spend the night. However, the sun also sets in the game, and night in the cemetery can be difficult to navigate — and dangerous too.

Thankfully, you can “light your way” in the cemetery.

First, speak to Taz on the northeast side of the cemetery, not far from the crematorium. Speaking to Taz will give a clue on what to do next — although it isn’t a very clear clue. All he says is:

“Bark, bark, bark, bark!”


As you walk away from Taz, you’ll see a stone angel with a broken arm. Speaking to her, your character will think:

“This angel statue is beautiful, but has been weathered by time. She appears to be missing an arm. Could it be around here somewhere…?”

If you return to Taz once you collect four or more stories, he’ll have something for you — a stone arm! He was trying to tell you this the whole time, but you just didn’t understand him. What a good boy he is.

The stone arm is a perfect fit for the broken statue, and as you return it, you feel a holy presence surrounding you. In the daytime, there is no visual difference, but come the evening and night, you will be able to find your way much easier.

A Stone Angel

Amelia’s Game

You may have found Amelia by accident while playing the game, and have absolutely no idea why she appears and disappears. In actuality, she’s playing a game of hide-and-go-seek. The only thing is that Amelia is invisible, so she kind of has the upper hand.

Fortunately for you, Amelia likes to spend time with people her age. If you can find the children in the cemetery — Landon, Lexie, and Kailey — you will find Amelia too. Her final hiding spot can be a little tricky, but it’s right where you’d expect it to be.

The prize for winning the game is an extra purple story — a great option if you choose to trade one to The Eye of Osiris.

Amelia's Game

A Hotelier Until the End

The longer you play Regina Cemetery Tours – The Game, the more likely you are to find yourself wandering the graves at nightfall. Night can be dangerous in the cemetery because of the many ghosts that slip between the graves. If you do find yourself walking through the darkness, keep an eye out for the Darke Mausoleum. This beautiful Tyndall stone structure was locked during the day, but is open at night — and a man stands outside to greet you.

This man is Francis Darke, one of the men buried in the mausoleum. He is well known for his transformation of Regina, from the creation of the College Campus Building, the beautiful Darke Hall, the majestic Darke Memorial Chimes, and even the namesake of Darke Park and Darke Cresent. A former mayor of Regina, Francis did a lot for the city — but his first career choice was a hotelier.

Francis has space in his mausoleum for weary wanderers, and there is no cost attached either. Unlike just about everything else in the cemetery, Francis wants to help you. In fact, by spending the night in his mausoleum you’ll be given one of the greatest gifts you can receive in the game… beyond returning to life that is.

Francis Darke The Hotelier

There are a myriad of secrets and Easter Eggs inside Regina Cemetery Tours – The Game, some that even seasoned players might not have discovered. Play the game and find out what secrets you might find too! (Like the cemetery map right at the gates that nobody ever looks at!)

Until next time,

Keep on playing.