Autumn has arrived at the Regina Cemetery – and with it comes some changes!

Frequent players will notice that the cemetery is now orange, not green like in the summer. Additionally, the trees have gone from green to shades of green, yellow, orange and red. We will continue this trend come the winter and spring months.

There’s also a new surprise in the game — little orange pumpkins! These pumpkins randomly generate a surprise for the character, but there’s only a 10% chance the pumpkin will have anything in it.

We also randomized the matching game in the top right corner of the cemetery. People complained the game was too easy when they replayed it a second time, so now it’s different every time.

We also added a new story to the game — the tragic story of Mary “Polly” Hutchenson, who is famous for her role in the story The Secret Lives of Sgt. John Wilson: A True Story of Love & MurderĀ by Lois Simmie.

In honour of Halloween, we also added the long-request feature of actually being able to die in this game. Before the character was invicible and would just lose stories when coming in contact with ghosts. Now the character loses life force. Get too many times and it’s game over.

Thank you to everybody who gave us feedback int the game so far, and we hope you enjoy the reskinnedĀ Regina Cemetery Tours – The Game.